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Studio Policies

  • Dancers should arrive a few minutes before their class starts so that they can put their shoes on and start to stretch.

  • On nights with multiple classes, students must wait in the hallway until the class before them is dismissed. Instructors will stay on time so that we make the most of our instructional time. 

  • No gum, food, or beverages besides water are permitted in the studios.

  • Cell phones are not allowed in the dance studio. Dancers with cell phones will be asked to return them to their dance bags.

  • If you have not paid your tuition by the middle of the month, you will be charge a $25 late fee. If you are behind 3 months on tuition, your child will be dropped from the class.

  • Parents may watch classes through the observation windows. We ask that parents refrain from watching from the bathroom hallway as this area becomes easily congested.

  • Regular attendance is very important in achieving success. We understand that students may have conflicting activities, however, students will still be responsible for learning choreography that they have missed. Dancers are encouraged to attend a similar class during the week they are absent so they don’t fall behind in technique. For example, if a student can not attend their jazz 4 class, they are encouraged to come to jazz  3  that same week if possible. Please check with the studio director if you are unsure about makeup classes. If a student consistently misses class, does not participate in class, and/or does not make an effort to learn choreography, then the instructor has the right to pull them from parts or the entirety of the dance as they see fit.

  • Students who are injured are encouraged to watch their dance class. If your dancer has a fever or flu like symptoms, they should stay home. Please let the instructor or studio manager know if your child will not be attending dance class.

  • Student teachers are required to attend all of the classes they agreed to help with. If a student teacher can not make their scheduled class time, they should contact the instructor as soon as possible so that they can find a replacement for the day.

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