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Our Philosophy


At Studio 22, we strive to make a positive I.M.P.A.C.T. It is our goal to promote and develop young and successful individuals through dance.

Integrity- Whether we are on or off the dance floor, we believe in always having good character. Loyalty, honesty, respect, and humbleness are the foundation  of our motivations and choices. 

Making a Difference-Studio 22  is deeply dedicated to providing a sense of place in the community. We inspire fellow dancers and community members of all generations, backgrounds, and abilities.

Perseverance- We believe in a never-give-up attitude and that discipline in dance is a key component to our success. 

Accountability- At our studio, we are devoted to nurturing young leaders who learn the value of responsibility and practice ethical conduct.

Creativity- We understand that successful dancers are constantly learning and growing. Our dancers learn skills and concepts through the process of dance that give them unique experiences and opportunities.

Teamwork- At Studio 22, we believe that we are truly better together. We understand that we all bring special ideas and talents to the table which make us an even stronger team. Working together and showing empathy make us better dancers, friends, and community members.

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